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Basic Goat Terms

If you are looking into getting your first goat, there are a lot of terms that you may come across that confuse you. I know when I started out, I had no idea what a wether was, or what polled was. So, to help out new and potential goat owners I have compiled a list of the most common basic goat terms.

basic goat terms

Doe – Female Goat

Doeling – A baby female goat

Yearling – A one year old goat

Buck – Male Goat

Buckling – A baby male goat

Weather – Castrated male goat

Kid – Baby goat, either male or female

Kidding – Giving birth

Polled – When a goat is naturally born without horns

Debudded/Disbudded – Removing the horns of a goat

Drenching – Oral administration of medication

Banding/Banded – The use of castration rings to remove the testacles

Browsing  – Natural movement of goats from one place to another to forage on various foliage

Coccidiosis/Cocci – Oxycyt that destroys the lining of the small intestine resulting in diarrhea or even death

Scours – Diarrhea that is usually caused from incorrect milk feeding

Sire – Father

Dam – Mother

The list of goat terms is large, these are just the basics terms that you may come across when researching goats, or issues that you may come across with your new goats. Finding the perfect goat can be difficult, but researching and knowing your basic goat terms can help ease the process.

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Here is a short video I did for Home and Garden for Mere Mortals about some of the basic goat terms you may come across.

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