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Coccidia Prevention For Baby Goats

One of the biggest risks a young goat can face is coccidia. It can hit fast and is spread through feces, so it can spread fast! One thing to note, all goats, and most livestock carry Coccidia in their intestines. Most older animals can keep the parasite load down to a manageable amount without getting sick. Younger goats though can get an overload of the parasite. This can cause very stinky, runny brown/green scoures. It can cause young goats to become very dehydrated and die. Some goat owners choose to only treat when symptoms occur, but I have found a good prevention for baby goats to be the best option. coccidia Prevention in Baby Goats

I am NOT A VETERNARIAN. The information in this article is just that, information. Please seek medical advice or attention from your veterinarian in the case of a sick or down goat. 

There are many different types of treatments and preventative for coccidia available over the counter. Some can be found at your local feed store, while some may have to be ordered online. There are also treatments that I will mention that will require a prescription from a veterinarian as well.


Albon is one of those medications that are great for treating Coccidia, my veterinarian prescribed it for my dogs when they were puppies, but it does require a prescription to get. It is given Orally and needs to be given for 5 days, for both treatment and preventative.


Corid can be found at pretty much every feed store. It comes in both a liquid form and a powdered form. It is my least favorite option. If you can avoid it, I recommend that you do because it can be very hard on a goat, especially a sick one. If this is your only option, be sure to follow up the 5-day treatment with a Thiamine or Vitamin B injection.


SlufaMed can be harder to find in stores but can be easily ordered online. It is given orally for 5 days for both a preventative and treatment.


Baycox is the medication that I prefer to use on all of my baby goats for Coccidia treatments and prevention. It is more expensive than most of the other options, but it only requires 1 dose. It kills both stages of the Coccidia parasite so you do not have to follow up for any additional doses. I give my goats one dose per month as a preventative.




I order Zuricox, which is a generic version of Baycox and is a little bit cheaper.

Coccidia Prevention For Baby Goats

Want to learn more about Coccidia Prevention for Baby Goats? Check out the video below where I explain what I use and why.

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Coccidia Prevention For Baby Goats ChartCoccidia Prevention For Baby Goats Chart