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Since recently sustaining a pretty major injury, I have started to lean more and more on all natural remedies to manage my pain and my nerve problems. As I am typing this, I am 4 months post emergency neck surgery and officially off of any and all medications to help manage my pain. One of the biggest helps for the pain has been my DIY Pain Relief Essential Oil Balm. It is my go to in the evening after a long day.

Essential Oils for Pain Relief

There are thousands of different essential oils and infused oils that you can use to help aid in pain relief. They all attack the pain differently and treat different types of pain as well. Since I use pain balm primarily on my neck and shoulders I choose oils that would work great for that.

Since I am not a huge fan of floral scents, I did stay away from oils like rose & lavender. But some of my all time favorites to use are the following:

Bergamot: Helps to reduce neuropathic pain

Ginger: Helps with pain relief, can help block pain receptors, reduces inflammation.

Frankincense: Reduces inflammation and aids in pain relief, good for arthritis.

Peppermint and Wintergreen are also great for pain, but I do not add them to this balm. I actually use them in a different pain balm meant for cooling. I like to use that one after my physical therapy sessions.

Infused Oils for Pain Relief

On top of using the essential oils, I also infused a mix of castor and olive oil in a jar filled with Cheyenne peppers, turmeric & ginger. These ingredients also help with the relaxation and pain relief of muscles. I also include infused oil with Yarrow which helps with pain and inflammation.

Like I have mentioned, there are a ton of essential oils and infused oils you can use. Just make sure to do your research and choose ones that will work for what you need them for.

Pain Relief Essential Oil Balm Recipe

I use the same basic recipe as our homemade Calendula Balm. If you would like to make a softer balm or salve, reduce the amount of bees wax used.


  • Double Boiler or Candy Melter


  • 1 Cup Bees Wax, Melted
  • 1/4 Cup Shea Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Calendula Infused Olive Oil
  • 2 tbsp Shea Butter 
  • 2 tbsp Vitamin E
  • 2 tsp Fragrance Oil of Choice


  • Melt Bees Wax in a double boiler or candy melter
  • Combine all other oils and stir to combine
  • Add fragrance oil and stir well
  • Transfer to a sealable container and allow to cool

Check out our Youtube Video below to see it being made and learn more about this amazing balm!